Wooden Furniture – The Mirror Of Your House

Wooden furniture and fittings are always a piece of beauty to the house. But is it just enough to have them placed in the different rooms of the house? No they call for proper and regular maintenance and only when this is done, will their promise of giving the beautiful look to the house be fulfilled. So come at Danetti, let`s take a look at how this can be done.

Before getting into the discussion topic, let`s first understand as to how to buy a quality wooden furniture piece. This is very important than anything else. It is the construction and the composition that speaks about the piece and its quality. This is even more important because you are not spending some peanuts to own them but in bulk and so it is essential for you to be little tricky and smart in understanding their nature. Do not go by the words hardwood or softwood for it has nothing to do with the piece but just with the type of tree they are from. Just check the joints of the piece and if you find them glued, understand that it is not a proper construction. This holds good for even a small piece of wooden furniture. And doing this test and investigation meticulously will certainly help you have the best piece at home.

Maintenance tips

Like how it is a big thing to have a house filled with wooden furniture, it is also important and a big task to maintain them properly. It is generally said that water is wood`s biggest peril. This is mostly understood wrongly by people. This statement actually means that water is bad for wood only when it is soaked in it for hours together. It definitely does not say that you should not use mild water to clean them. Yes, use warm water and a mild soap to clean the piece of wood with a brush or a soft towel. Keep wiping it until it gets back its glitter. Then wipe it with a dry towel to remove off all the extra water content on them.

Maintenance tips

You can bring back the shine on the furniture by using a soft polish. After cleaning it with water, hold on for 10 minutes and then apply a thin layer of this polish and let it dry for another 10 minutes. Now your furniture piece will shine and look new as if it has just made its entry into the house.
Remember to keep these wooden beauties away from the sunlight penetrating into the house, especially during summers when the sun is at its peak. The strong heat waves might damage the fine finishes and fade away all the natural color. This harsh sun might also cause cracks in the furniture.

Even when you have slight damages or crack, do not worry or rush to your carpenter for repair for this can be easily handled by you with just the right color polish in hand. Try to gauge the color of the furniture and get a polish to match it. Slowly and carefully give a thin coating of the same on the cracks and scratches and this will give it damage-less, perfect piece look. This problem generally comes at the feet of the furniture.
The above point might look very satisfying wherein it says that a polish can retain the color and look of the wood. But understand that once a piece of wood is mended and bent to become a furniture, it cannot accept anything further. It is only during the manufacture process can anything be done to it like polishing or oiling, once it is sealed, that is it. So all these polishes and oils are not, as thought by many, giving color back to the wood but only to the exteriors of it.